How do i hook up a car radio in my house How to Connect a Car Stereo Inside Your House

How do i hook up a car radio in my house, introduction: car stereo to home stereo with a psu

Take care, and good luck.

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They have wiring harnesses for almost every make and model. I never bothered to check amperages and I never bothered with a fuse on mine, especially because there's a 10amp fuse in the back of car stereos, but the power supply has been on and the radio in standby when it's not being used since I made this Instructable.

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Next From the other set of cables on the PSU choose one black and one yellow. You can run as many speakers as allowed by your headunit.

Sound quality depends on quality of materials, so this can go both ways.

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I may still try to use your idea of the PC power supply. Connect the black wire to the negative terminal of the power supply.

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Remove the doors' inner trim panels. The camera thing is a great idea since I'd be all the way in the back of the house.

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It takes up so little room as opposed to a home stereo, and works great. You turn it on and off with the switch on the PSU.

Introduction: Car Stereo in Home

I plan on getting real speaker boxes and a bigger box for the headunit and properly cutting it. This process can vary depending on exactly how the stereo is installed in the car.

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Thanks for the comment, and good luck with yours. I followed everything just like you said!!

Connecting the Stereo

I did option 2 because it seems less likely to come apart. Disconnect the window controls and trim bezels diamond love matchmaking a trim stick a manual window crank requires a hooked toolremove every screw on the trim panel, pry around the edge with the trim stick and lift off the panel.

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Loosen the clamp nut connecting the black negative cable to the battery terminal with a wrench and disconnect the cable. Car Stereo in Home. Would this work to power an amp as well? All the computer hardware stores around were selling overpriced crap PSUs.

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Connect the black wire to the inverter's negative terminal in the same way. Connect speakers to dating apps in india free stereo.

Step 1: What You Need

Nothing to do but buy a new PSU. I had some old car stereo components in my garage this morning and wanted to complete this very same project. All I know is, I wire it up and it works. In addition, your car electrical system is fused to protect from an overcurrent condition from damaging electrical components and starting a fire.

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Just need to figure out the antenna, but as far as just playing CDs it's terrific.