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Gilt and decoration are in excellent condition. First sold in the Regency period as a robust alternative to porcelain, Mason's Ironstone China soon won customers with its attractive enamelled decoration, and is still widely appreciated today. See my other items listed.

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Transfer printed found mostly on jugs C. Ash glaze Online dating good signs Tin-glazed Salt glazed Lusterware. The vast array of patterns and shapes never fail to excite the imagination, the chance of finding a rare and interesting piece still keeps the collector ever vigilant.

Mason's Ironstone, a strong, hardwearing stoneware that imitated the shapes and decoration of 18thcentury porcelain, was developed in the early 19th century by Miles Mason, a Staffordshire porcelain dating masons pottery and manufacturer. Marks on Mason's Ironstone can give a reasonably accurate idea of date.

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The factory had a habit of releasing wares that would have been thrown away as wasters by others, with the glaze covering kiln cracks and even missing handles. The date recorded indicated when the design was introduced but not necessarily when the item was potted, this protection lasted three years.

The tableware is in the blue Mandalay design. It was used with tiny differences in several later editions - namely; mid's and after Transfer printed in puce 'A. C C C C C Support the British Heart Foundation's life dating masons pottery research.

Other similar Mason's marks with the ribbon banner underneath have a rounded crown.

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Biographical Dictionary of the History of Technology. In near mint condition.

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Masons Mandalay Graduated Jugs X 3. Dig down to find the value of your stuff.

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There is a small glaze fault on the saucer. Transfer printed crown with banner colour washed with the last paint colour of the day also showing a round impressed circle mark C. Patterns with raised edges became popular in the midth century, including "cane-coloured" Derbyshire ironstone.

Transfer printed crown and bannerwith pattern number 'C.

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Bright and clean all over. Some of the most well-known and collectable British ironstone manufacturers of the 19th century include: Subsequently Mason continued this business, but after the East India Company ceased the bulk importation of Oriental porcelain in he began to manufacture his own wares.

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Its decorative quality and naive charm are admired by all. Assuming its not a fake or reproduction and there are fakes around with carefully forged marks - I haven't seen this angular crown forged yet it looks to me most like the mid 's mark, rather than the early 19th century or the one dating from the 's - but that would im 19 dating a 22 year old to be confirmed by an expert.

Between and'Mason's Patent Ironstone China' was impressed into the clay in one, or two, lines. Masons Ironstone blue Mandalay Dining Service Masons Blue Mandalay dining service hardly used in immaculate condition, apart from chip on one of the jugs and. This was so that the Company complied with the American McKinley Tariff which required the country of origin to be marked on all imports to America.

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For this reason, there is no real point in buying damaged pieces. Some patterns included detail colours that were added on top of the main transfer after the glaze had been applied. Beautiful footed bowl in wonderful condition. Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan.

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It is fully backstamped for Mason's 1st quality.