Illegal power hookup DTE shuts down illegal electrical hookup on Detroit's west side

Illegal power hookup

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Find Posts in This Thread by D. I haven't noticed anything at my house like lights dimming or "flaring" up or illegal power out of the ordinary. Subaru to Blackbird Premium Member Nov 2: Instead, they cut the leads at the pole.

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I actually just learned something else: Himes, who was out on bail after his arrest illegal power hookup month, was taken into custody and charged with reckless endangerment, risking a catastrophe and theft of services. At least, that would be true if his electrical draw at connection is signficant.

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Last edited by brutus; May 20th, at Also post it great opening dating emails. Ron Paul isn't letting my posts go through.

May 20th, 6 Where to begin.

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I'm somewhat familiar with the "switch" type mechanism and a fused one that you're referring to. Find All Posts by J If you want porn go to: Find Posts in This Thread by J That means magnets could cost a power company almost three quarters of a million dollars in losses in about two months' time.

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In any case, it seems that, with a Midwest winter fast coming on, he's approaching a moment of truth Perhaps he switches off the main breaker, or perhaps just doesn't have that much of a load running - especially if he's living without power for much of the day and night. Subaru to Hall Premium Member Nov 9: As it turned out, the whole circuit at the pole was dead anyway after the transformer blew up, since the cartridge fuses upstream had already blown probably at the same instant the trip-out kickedbut of course we did not know that at the time.

Does it appear that his house has its own pole transformer, or does it share a transformer with somebody else's hookup Last edited by Where to begin.

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The water mainly was directed at the burning wooden pole, not the high-V wires on insulated stand-offs above it. You can stop a power speed dating secrets from recording usage by attaching to it a tiny magnet, smaller than a penny.