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Dating a man with one testicle

I think what is left of it doesn't work anyway. Oh i had a short lived romance with a guy with Three testicles 4 Years ago?

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I think it's good that you distanced yourself from those that are so insensitive and your friends should be same nadi in matchmaking how much it bothers you when they make jokes.

You relive every memory.

guys with one testicle

A skin-covered water balloon. One nut too far! I lost my left one due to cancer and have since then become the butt of many a cruel joke.

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If I met a guy who had just one ball due to cancer or something - I'd let him know I thought it was great he tackled the cancer and is still around About Terms Privacy Advertise Help. I'm feeling around for the second nut I almost lost one of mine about 8 years back from a severe case of epididymitis. I feel good that my spooked-buddy got to figure this out and overcome this insecurity with me, someone who cared about him and wasn't going to put added pressure on the situation that it might infringe upon his performance.

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Bumped our belts together. I love the writing and the photos.

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I'm still a little self-concious but I haven't run into anyone else that cares. It was kind of beautiful to see how happy and relieved he was afterward.

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So does not bother me at all. I'm not much of a ball man, so I probably wouldn't even notice.

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About two years ago, when I was working as a fact checker at Radar magazine, one of my oldest friends from back home messaged me to share some terrible news. And this is love, I assume.

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