Xkcd dating pool graph How I Teach Calculus: A Comedy (xkcd-Dating Pool, Optimization)

Xkcd dating pool graph

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And I think that if a 90 year old can land a 52 year old, fuckin' let'em. Or; Is that your eye butthairs?

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But then i also don't have a problem with a 50 year old dating a 20 year old, so maybe my view is just skewed in general. People who've reached can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want, provided they aren't breaking any laws outside of drug ones. They grow the tail and stinger upon reaching adulthood. The max dating pool appears to occur around 43 years, which is, well… interesting?

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I mean, I agree that the forumla is flawed, but I disagree on where the flaws start. I was trying to make a better rule and I got this: I'm just asking if creepiness is irrelevant to the age, as long as it's past the age of consent. We got into a very deep and touchy discussion about divorce, which is pretty heavy for a math class.

The shock'll probably kill'em.

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But what i find an issue here is that at least some of the people dating challenge man in this thread do not acknowledge that fact. If you like my words sign up for my newsletter, Airport Tattoo Parlour: With the 90 yr old and the 52 yr old, we're not giving a formula for who we "let" people date, we're describing the point at which a relationship crosses the line from "normal" into weird, as viewed by society in general, and I'm sure most people I know would consider that totally weird.

No one is taking this formula seriously on this forum any place except, surprise, this one thread taking it seriously. Which is full of people saying this formula is a joke.

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For me, at least, dating 10 years past your age is a little bit odd. Yes, older singles are rarer. As long as it's not illegal, it's not creepy for anyone to date anyone? They all then spent the next 30 minutes digging into Excel forums: It makes sense for society to frown on a 36 year old dating an 18 year old, because the 18 year old will likely not have had enough life experience yet to know whether or not they're being taken advantage of, etc, etc.

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A webcomic of dating pool graph, sarcasm, math, and language. This happens a lot, and I think, to most, it looks a lot like kids talking randomly. An year-old's range iswhereas a year-old's might be more like The students came up with a max function as: Please keep in mind that I'm not putting forward a point of view or attacking anyone's elses.

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Age difference dating in, determining if the older party is acting in a potentially predatory manor based on the naivety of the younger. You haven't done anything dating pool graph of a prize.

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Keep waggling your butt brows Brothers. It's like "I could've raped my girlfriend, but I didn't! Moderators GeneralPrelatesMagistrates.

I have been informed that this is called writing a book. Below 14 years, you have no dating range as it should be ; These lines really should be piecewise as your max gets above years.

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After all of this awesome Excel programming my students had no idea about magic drag, or doing cell references of really any depth we then can actually graph the dating pool as a function of age, which comes out like this:. But as you get older, the dateable age range gets wider. You may want to figure this out for yourself, and hopefully your students do too.

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Quick, to the Census!