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Dating rs germany marks

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In addition to beautiful decorations, various finishes adorn many RSP pieces. Prussia, don't forget to evaluate the way it is decorated and the quality of the porcelain.

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Handbook of Erdmann and Reinhold Schlegelmilch Prussia-Germany and Oscar Schlegelmilch Germany by Clifford Schlegelmilch 3rd edition, is interesting for its original catalog pages of Schlegelmilch porcelain. The shape in Fig.

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There is never any glazing on the bottom of this particular shape. Only pieces with professionally applied repairs should bring top prices in the secondary marketplace. The Erdmann Schlegelmilch company marked much of their early output "Depon", an abbreviation of the German word "Deponiert" meaning registered or protected by law to discourage copying by their competitors.

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Old color transfers were generally lithographed. Please Click here to go back Mystery I marks A L gallery showcases highlights 5, items museum ceramics collection dating.

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The letters, star and outer edges of the wreath are red; the inside of the wreath is green. Our Mission cost engineering council, cost dating, surveying, project management, book reviews, software chinese japanese porcelain collectors information page.

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The new muffineer reproduction in Fig. You can just ignore this message if your browser meets your needs, but we highly recommend changing to Google Chrome or Firefox dating rs germany marks. When identifying RSP reproslook for:.

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There are several categories of new marks. Blown out flowers, ornately shaped handles and spouts, and beautifully curving finials all add to the appeal of RSP.

Poppy flower decoration on good quality porcelain. Dwenger that operated under this name from about to When considering the desirability of R. Many authentic marks include additional words and symbols.

Wares Made by Reinhold Schlegelmilch's German Factory

Many of the reproductions, particularly those made in Japan, are quite good quality porcelain. Seventh day adventist online dating of the marks used by this manufacturer is often referred to as the 'beehive' mark, which in reality represents a banded shield used first by the k.

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But remember, marks are only one clue to authenticity. Since the price of porcelain manufactured by Reinhold Schlegelmilch began to rise in the early s, some dealers tried to increase the "supply" available by applying fake marks to unmarked porcelain that resembled genuine R. These new marks are shown as broad examples of the wide variety of new marks you may encounter.

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Most of the new information came from a previously unpublished German research paper on the Suhl porcelain factories by Bernd Hartwich written in Credit card orders call These modern fakes I find it hard online dating in mexico call them reproductions because they do not have any of the fine qualities of the genuine article are not to be confused with look-alike pieces that you will find from time to time.

Leaves in the wreath usually appear green.

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To fetch top value, this porcelain should be delicately crafted and finely finished. Illustration from Butler Brothers catalog.

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When buying an expensive piece of RS, it is a good idea that mark, decoration and blank all be described by name on a written receipt that includes an approximate year of production. PR-4 Poorly formed transfer in green only.