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How did bulma hook up with vegeta

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After a bit of a snide remark, Vegeta gets ready to fight Frieza and tells him that would never work for him again and he tells him that he wants to get his 'revenge' on Goku first.

Vegeta replies they are no concern to him and continues his pursuit of the android.

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After Raditz's defeat at the co-operative hands of Goku and PiccoloBulma is able to repair and modify the warrior's " scouter " device, so that it may display a person's power level in Earth figures, rather than Saiyan ones. Bulma then asks Monaka to assist her with her experiment, ignoring the fact that Monaka is running late on other deliveries. Realizing that both Goku and Gohan are superior to him not only in power but in character and honor as well, Vegeta understands that he was beaten by Goku in more ways than one.

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When Piccolo and Whis are bickering at each other, Vegeta fires a ki blast at the two out of annoyance. Gohan assumes the Great Ape form, and Vegeta in his severely weakened state could not defeat him.

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Shin tries to get in the way of the two Saiyans' feud, but backs down when Goku threatens to blast him if he gets in the way to the surprise of Vegeta. Meanwhile, Goku defeats Frieza but is apparently killed in Namek's explosion. While Vegeta is on another planet, Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta.

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Although Vegeta refused to cooperate with Frieza in the Tournament of Power, Vegeta was willing to set aside this resentment because he wanted to save his wife and children from erasure if their universe loses.

Bulma is just into weird, villainous men.

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Trunks manages to land a blow on Vegeta, who strikes him to the floor. His anger erupts, causing him to transform into a Super Saiyan. This attempt failed, but Yajirobe succeeded where the strong Z Fighters had not. They witness Bulma telling Vegeta she has created some new armor for him, though he ignores her to go train causing Bulma to become how did bulma hook up with vegeta over her husband's obsession with training all the time.

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Bulma carries with her a laser gun designed by herself, and says it was made because she thought Jaco was an evil alien. Seriously, just because we live in peaceful times isn't an excuse to be lazy, boy. In a filler episode, Bulma later hosts a party at her home Capsule Corporation.

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When Vegeta transformed, Goku was completely outclassed and had to resort to using the Spirit Bomb technique. Gero appear and wreak havoc a year later.

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Later, upon hearing from Gohan that Goku will be coming dating antique copper kettles Earth for 24 hours to fight in the 25th World Martial Arts TournamentVegeta boasts and claims that he will beat Gohan, Goten, and Goku in the tournament, believing that he has surpassed Gohan in strength. While fighting Super Buuas well as while fighting Janemba on a different occasion, [10] Vegeta vehemently opposed fusion with Goku due to his pride, but Goku managed to persuade him.

Her inventions are often used for her quest for the Dragon Balls or for her father's company, as well as for helping her friends on winning important battles.

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